49ers Rumors: 49ers want 1st or 2nd round pick for OL Alex Boone, no trade?

In this 49ers rumors and news update, the contract standoff between the San Francisco 49ers and offensive lineman Alex Boone doesn't look to be ending any time soon if the 49ers remain adamant about what they would demand in a hypothetical trade scenario.

According to Bleacher Report's Jason Cole, the 49ers are asking for a franchise-altering draft pick for Boone:

There have been conflicting reports surfacing about Boone's contract situation, with Gil Brandt of the NFL Network indicating that the 49ers have offered Boone "top 12" guard money in recent negotiations. However, several other reports indicate that Boone and the team haven't even reached a point where a deal has been put on the table and that Boone wouldn't turn down "top 12" money had it been offered.

At this point, the cost of a first or second-round draft pick could be prohibitive in potential trade talks - provided that the 49ers aren't just leaking said information to gain leverage in contract talks.


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