49ers News: Terrell Owens evades taxes, faces huge bill

In 49ers news today, a former San Francisco 49ers standout wide receiver is now facing a new opponent -- the Internal Revenue Service.

So says FootBasket.com (by way of information obtained from TMZ Sports): "Former NFL star wide receiver Terrell Owens got hit with a massive tax bill after failing to pay up about $250,000 in 2012."

Terrell Owens will have to pay a total of $244,391.32 in tax income unpaid from 2012. 2012 was the same year that Terrell Owens signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks, however Owens was cut from the team prior to the season, making only $4,300 from the deal.

The rest of the money that the former San Francisco 49ers receiver made in that year was most likely from endorsements, or the fun-to-speculate-about "other" category.

This isn't the first go-around with Owens and the IRS -- "A while back, he had to pay up $430,000 in unpaid tax income that ranged from 2005-09. He was able to pay it off last year, though, according to TMZ."

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