49ers News: 49ers To Simplify Offense In 2015, Include More Read-Option Looks

The San Francisco 49ers took a step back on offense in 2014, and Jim Tomsula's new coaching staff is planning to improve things next season by dialing the complexity down a notch.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee has an interesting look at how San Francisco's offense is likely to change in 2015, and a lot of the changes are going to start with QB Colin Kaepernick. This quote stands out as particularly relevant:

There was a sense inside the front office that San Francisco’s offense was too clunky in recent years, that it had too many moving parts that bogged it down.

The new version will be intended to be more simple and streamlined. It will get to the line of scrimmage more quickly and put more pressure on defenses. The theme will be that it will allow playmakers to make plays, and the overall hope is that under the likeable and energetic Tomsula, the 49ers will operate with a Seattle-like swagger and spark.

San Francisco actually gained more total yards in the 2014 regular season than they did in 2013 (by about 50 yards), and the run/pass balance was nearly identical. San Francisco's points per game decreased from 25.4 in 2013 to 19.1 in 2014, though, and the overall numbers across the board have all taken a dip since 2012, which was San Francisco's best offensive season since 2003.

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