49ers Fans Irate That New Bay Area Transit Seats Are Seahawks Colors

What was supposed to be a much-needed upgrade to Bay Area Rapid Transit (know as BART in the Bay Area) cars along with their seating has caused a major stir amongst San Francisco 49ers fans.


Most likely because of this (thanks to John Breech of CBSSports.com) :

Despite the obvious fact that whoever signed off on this upgrade probably wasn't aware that they were infiltrating 49ers territory with seats decked out in Seattle Seahawks colors, San Francisco 49ers fans are angry-- even starting up an online petition to reupholster the seats to something more Bay Area-appropriate.

Conspiracy theorists may also want to take note of the fact that current BART general manager Grace Crunican was Seattle's Director of the Department of Transportation before taking over at BART in 2011.

BART's website lauds the seats for having silicone cushions and being 50 percent lighter than the old ones -- however, no mention of the hated Seahawks green and gold color scheme pops up.

If you are feeling like seeing what all the fuss is about Bay Area residents, BART will have the new trains on display throughout the area until May 9th.

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