49ers' Brano Perkovich On San Francisco's Investment Strategy

The San Francisco 49ers are on the forefront of utilizing technology for the betterment of their franchise both on the field and off, especially with fan engagement at Levi's Stadium

Brano Perkovich, the team's Managing Director of New Ventures, plays a large role in that. He chooses small, start-up companies for the 49ers to invest in, with the goal of creating something they can use to benefit the franchise beyond monetary gain.

"Technology is usually on one end of the spectrum with sports on other, and there hasn’t been a way for the two to connect " Perkovich said. "Our goal is to bridge that gap, and we think there's a lot of value both sides can bring to each other."

He pointed to the 49ers' association with DripDrop, a San Francisco-based hydration company that has formulated a solution that allows players use to hydrate faster.

"They've obviously helped us get an advantage on the field, and they’re growing much faster and getting more done because of their association with us," said Perkovich. "We hope that everyone we invest in will bring value beyond capital, and will bring something to the 49ers brand."

The franchise's latest investment is in Woven Digital, which works with brands to make them appeal to the interests of the digital generation.


49ers' Brano Perkovich On Cutting Edge Technology In Levi's Stadium

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