3 Reasons Why Blaine Gabbert Should Be The 49ers' Starting QB Next Season

Blaine Gabbert was a complete disaster for the Jacksonville Jaguars. A top ten pick, Gabbert lasted only three seasons with the team, won just five games and threw more TDs than picks. But with the San Francisco 49ers, Gabbert has played better. He's shown the flashes of talent that made him a Top Ten pick in the first place and has actually looked like a competent QB. With that in mind, here are three reasons why Gabbert should be the 49ers' starting QB next season. 

3. Little Downside

There's a chance the 49ers will be in position to grab a top-flight QB in this year's draft, but there's no guarantee that the 49ers will fall in love with any of the options. It would allow the 49ers to grab another talented player to help elsewhere and see if Gabbert really can be the team's franchise QB. Plus, if Gabbert regresses next year, the team will be in position again to draft a QB. 

2. Wins

Gabbert has posted a 2-2 mark in his time as the team's starting QB. The Niners are 4-8 overall, which means Gabbert has produced half the team's wins. The defense has played a big role in that, but Gabbert did win the game against the Bears with a walk-off TD pass in overtime. If Gabbert continues to guide a banged up 49ers' offense to wins, then the team needs to give him a shot at the full-time gig next year. Gabbert has little help around him, but is still finding ways to be productive. 

1. Production

Gabbert hasn't been Tom Brady, but he's been a quality QB for the 49ers. He's completed 63 percent of his passes for 963 yards, 5 TDs and 3 picks. He's also added some damage on the ground, picking up 140 yards and a TD. Gabbert still has plenty of growing to do, but he's been productive for the team. He's improved each week, which is a promising sign. He still has potential and as long as he continues to produce, he deserves a shot to be the starter next season. 

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