3 Reasons Why The 49ers Will Beat The Cowboys This Weekend

The San Francisco 49ers have lost two straight games after their season-opening win over the Rams, and now comes another tough test against the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers are the underdog in this historic rivalry, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that the Niners can win and get back to .500. Here's why San Francisco will beat Dallas:

3) Limited Cowboys offense
Lost in all the Dak Prescott love has been that the Cowboys have thrown just one touchdown pass this year, showing that their passing attack is already rather limited as is. Now that it doesn't look like star wideout Dez Bryant is going to play in this game, they are left with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley as their go-to receivers. Both players' production dips dramatically without Bryant on the field, and I expect that to stay the same Sunda against San Francisco.

2) Defense's ability to force turnovers
On defense, the 49ers are playing like the group that helped carry them to three straight conference title games. They are one of three teams in the league to rank in the top five in both interceptions (four) and fumbles recovered (four), using their aggressive style of play to force turnovers. 

1) San Francisco's offense vs. Dallas' average defense
On the flip side, Chip Kelly's system has improved San Francisco's offense exponentially this season. They are averaging 24.3 points per game against excellent defenses in the Rams, Panthers and Seahawks, respectively, while showing balance on that side of the ball. Expect them to put up at least that number against a Cowboys defense that can't pressure the quarterback and is inconsistent everywhere else.

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