The 9 Best Things About Growing Up a Padres Fan in the 90’s

Lets take a stroll down memory lane...

9. Steve Finley’s catches

Some of the best San Diego has ever witnessed...

8. Special Appearances made by the San Diego Chicken

Highly anticipated, highly entertaining.

7. Qualcomm Stadium- The more teams the merrier!

The parking lot tailgates were classic- a glove, baseball, and a sharpie were a necessity just in case you had a run-in with Tony Gwynn.

6. Turning to The Mighty 1090 for all things Padres…

5. The Swinging Friar

You knew it was going to be a good game when he made an appearance...

4. 1998 World Series against the Yankees

Yeah, we lost, but we made it to the World Series against arguably one of the best Yankees teams ever.

3. The Jerseys…

All the Padres fans who remember these sincerely miss them, and we're still waiting for the return of these beauties. They speak for themselves, reminding fans of “The Good Days”.

2. Hearing the beginning of Hells Bells and knowing what time it was


Trevor Time!

1. Tony Gwynn- need I say more?

The most well-known name in San Diego, and truly a hometown hero.


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