Better luck needed for the San Diego Padres!

The San Diego Padres have made two appearances in the World Series. First appearance was made in 1984 and the second appearance was made in 1998, but both times the Padres were unable to win. Surprisingly enough the Padres have never had a pitcher that pitched a perfect game. Even though this may seem like a downer, the Padres have been working hard and improving season after season i  pursuit of the elusive World Series title.

On August 27, the Padres had a 6.5 game lead over 2nd-place (and eventual WS Champs) San Francisco but were unable to maintain their division lead after a woeful September performance. Sitting 8 games back of the division leading Giants as of today, the Padres sure have there work cut out for them to turn it around this year.

Do you think the Padres will have better luck this year? Chat Sports would love to hear your thoughts on the Padres. Enjoy some great videos of Padres glory days!

San Diego Padres History

San Diego Padres Highlights!

Padres throw down!

Bloppers #1!

Bloppers #2!

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