Kawhi Leonard Rumors: 76ers May Trade For Kawhi And Leonard Could Join Lakers In 2019

In the latest batch of Kawhi Leonard rumors, there's growing speculation that Leonard could join the Philadelphia 76ers via a trade (if the 76ers deal the #10 overall pick for the 2018 NBA Draft). Plus, the San Antonio Spurs may be trying to improve relations with Kawhi during the 2018 NBA offseason. Meanwhile, Leonard may be interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019, when he will be a free agent.

Hosts Cam Rogers and Harris Rubenstein break down all of the latest buzz surrounding Kawhi Leonard on NBA Weekly.

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Kawhi Leonard never saw the court in the 2018 NBA Playoffs due to injury, but several NBA rumors suggested Leonard was healthy enough to play. The latest buzz surrounds whether Leonard will seek a trade and move on to another team.

Here's the full list of Kawhi Leonard rumors:
-76ers trading #10 pick for Kawhi?
-Spurs want to work things out?
-Kawhi could join the Lakers in 2019?

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