Lost In The LeBron Saga, The Spurs Are Quietly Looking For A New Air Conditioning Guy

If you've turned on the television or the radio this week, you've probably been bombarded by the Decision 2.0...and we understand if you're getting a little tired of that. The San Antonio Spurs are taking this opportunity to quietly advertise for a new position, and if you watched the NBA Finals, you probably know what's coming.

The Spurs are looking for a new Senior Operations Manager in their building operations department - someone who would be in charge of the air conditioning system and the center's electricians (an electrical outage is reportedly what took out the AC in Game 1).

"The successful candidate will have experience with public assembly facilities operations including but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and project management.", according to the posting, and "Experience and a working knowledge of HVAC systems." is the second minimum qualification listed (after at least three years of experience).

Check the listing for yourself, and if you're a San Antonio-based operations manager...today might be your lucky day.


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