LeBron James: Flopper in Everyday Life

"King" James has come under much(-deserved) scrutiny this postseason over his flopping antics, going so far as to say he believes it to be an integral part of NBA strategy.

Well the guys over at Funny or Die have put together a nice compilation of how LeBron goes about day-to-day life. Hint: it's no different.

As a funny bonus, check out some of the stories on the bottom line. For example:

- A-Rod went 0-4 with 5 Ks

- Kobe's mom is now selling his teenage pubic hair

- The Marlins and the Mets are tied with no score in the 45th inning

- Gaylord Perry was the winning pitcher for the Giants

- Tim Tebow places curse on Tom Brady

- The Astros lose to fall to 1-47


- Dean Thompson

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