Kings Owner Pens Article On Futuristic Golden 1 Center Set To Open In Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings are in the process of building a new arena in Sacramento and owner Vivek Ranadive published an article about the arena on Wednesday. It details the team's plans for what he calls "the fastest and most connected indoor sports and entertainment venue in the world."

Ranadive says the Kings are "completely transforming how fans in the arena and beyond will experience the game." He has high expectations for the Golden 1 Center.

"Golden 1 Center will in fact reinvent the coliseum paradigm," Ranadive wrote. "Its architecture and technology underpinnings will enable the venue to adapt seamlessly and meaningfully to our fans, our performers, and our environment."

Ranadive says the fan experience at Golden 1 Center will start before fans even attend the event. 

"Imagine as you peruse available ticket inventory, you are reminded which of your friends are planning to attend, and where they are sitting," Ranadive wrote. "Imagine being intuitively directed to open parking spaces, on a real-time basis, within the downtown corridor. Imagine being virtually prompted to the shortest routes, shortest wait times, or available reservations within the venue itself. Creating an environment where Golden 1 Center checks into you. We are designing a venue ecosystem that will anticipate and respond to your needs, on a hyper-individualized basis."

The new Kings Arena is built around keeping fans connected. Ranadive calls it "the first Colosseum for the Digital Age." The Golden 1 Center will have an internet connection 17,000 times faster than the average home internet connection. 

It will be the first sporting venue in the world to have 100 percent of its power from the sun. Ranadive also writes that 90 percent of the food and beverage for the arena will come from local farmers, brewers, wineries and ranchers. The arena is set to open in October 2016. 

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