Jason Williams owned the 2000 rookie-sophomore game

White Chocolate could work a crowd like few players in NBA history. In his second year with the Sacramento Kings, Williams had garnered a reputation as a brilliant, audacious passer, but the Rookie-Sophomore game during the 2000 All-Star weekend was his first chance to put on a show for a national audience.

Williams made the most of the opportunity. From geometrically impossible passes to arcing three-pointers from close to half-court, Williams owned the game from start to finish, and ended up with at least a dozen highlight-reel plays.

The passing clinic Williams put on slowly built up to one of his most iconic NBA moments - a no-look pass off his elbow to the trailing Raef LaFrentz. LaFrentz was almost as shocked by the pass as everyone else in the building, and couldn't convert the layup - but it didn't matter. The next Monday, fans weren't talking about the All-Star game - they were talking about Williams.

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