College Football Fan Uses Only Jim Harbaugh Quotes On Tinder

Jim Harbaugh can be a bit of an oddball. His mannerisms can be weird at times and his quotes are can border on nonsensical. Somehow, someway, Reddit user Beechman came up with the idea to only use Harbaugh quotes on Tinder. 

For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it's essentially a mobile dating service. The whole "using certain quotes" isn't exactly a new game, but it's the first time (we think) anyone's done so with Harbaugh. Let's check out the results. 

Sounds like it's not going to work right?  

WRONG. Harbaugh's got game even when he's not trying.

As Harbaugh once said, "I'm not into the 'If this, if that' type of scenarios. If worms had machine guns, then birds wouldn't be scared of them." That quote makes no sense, but then again, neither does using Harbaugh quotes on Tinder. 

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