Bri Teresi: Chat Sports Crush of June - 18 STUNNING Photos

"How do you know when you're in love?"

"When you know, you know."

After seeing the Instagram and Snapchat account of Bri Teresi, we KNOW. Love at first sight.

Bri is June's Chat Sports Crush of the Month and she will be taking over the Chat Sports Snapchat account on Saturday (follow us - chatsports)

Follow her for some amazingly beatufiul photos and videos:

InstagramTwitter, & Snapchat- BriTeresi (especially snapchat...her Snapchat story is one of the more entertaining ones we've seen).


Meet Our Crush:

Bri a 20-year-old Political Science major at San Jose State University who believes in the power of being happy and vibrantly living life. Originally from Auburn, CA, Bri is a free spirit who is not afraid to let her hair down. She loves to travel to new places and meet new friends.

She is passionate about both health and fitness, and says running, hiking, doing yoga, and going to the gym are her absolute favorite activities.

Living in the Bay Area has cemented her love of sports, and she actively follows the Giants, 49ers, Warrors and Sharks.

Fun facts on Bri:

She's an honor student. She's hiked a glacier in flip-flops. She's a vegan. And...she likes fit and adventurous men.

Now, on to the stunning photos below.

This is JUST a sample of what you'll find on her social media... go follow her NOW.

InstagramTwitter, & Snapchat- BriTeresi

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