Yo, Chat Sports Has a Snapchat and is Doing Cool Things With It

Hey you. Yeah, you. You have a snapchat. Don't try to hide it, I know you do. Even people who say they don't have one secretly do. We at Chat Sports (and The Dean's Listhave one too. Add us. Why? I'll tell you.

Because, out of the tremendous kindness of our souls here at Chat Sports, are going to be GIVING AWAY FREE TICKETS to various sporting events all summer long. You read that right. But even so, you should probably go read it again. Actually, I'll just re-type it for you. WE ARE GIVING AWAY FREE TICKETS. Got it? Good. Snapchat us. It won't be creepy I promise. I don't get to run it. Then it might get creepy. (Ed. note: Dean Thompson's views do not reflect those of Chat Sports). (Author's note: Yet they continue to employ me.)

- Dean Thompson

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