UpMo.com using Erin Sharoni's picture as its website homepage?

We came across a rather odd find today during normal internet surfing. A picture of Erin Sharoni, the voluptuous CNBC sports biz reporter who took over after Darren Rovell left for ESPN, is being used as the homepage image of San Francisco start-up Upwardly Mobile (upmo.com).

The companies homepage sells visitors on the fact that they should "Get Your Mobility Profile and Take Control of Your Career!" with a picture of a cute looking woman named Sarah Holder as the example user profile. The only problem is that Sarah Holder is a picture of Erin Sharoni, taken directly from Sharoni's website, http://www.erinsharoni.com/ (although UpMo cut off the photo and didn't display Sharoni's patented cleavage as seen in every picture of her ever - Google image results for Sharoni

UpMo.com homepage

[caption id="attachment_95" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Cute woman.... but not genuine?"][/caption]

UpMo profile picture zoom in

[caption id="attachment_96" align="alignnone" width="387" caption="Sarah Holder??"][/caption]

Erin Sharoni personal website

So, did UpMo steal the photo of Sharoni... or is she selling pictures of herself for commercial use? Given that she is on TV and is verified on Twitter, we have to assume UpMo is using the picture without her consent.... we will update when we hear back from UpMo or Sharoni.

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