The First 11 Tweets In History


So, this isn't sports related. But, given the incredible impact that Twitter has had on sports, we thought we would do a "Wayback Wednesday" look at the first 11 tweets in history - all sent out on March 21, 2006.

The first tweets were sent out in the early afternoon on a Tuesday in San Francisco's Soma district.

11. Dom Sagolla - former Head of Quality at Odeo (the name of the original company Twitter was started from)

10. Biz Stone - Twitter founder

9. Jack Dorsey - Twitter founder, former CEO


8. Ev Williams - Twitter founder, former CEO


7. Adam Rugel - former Director of BizDev at Odeo


6. Tony Stubblebine - former engineer at Odeo


5. Jeremy LaTrasse - former Director of Operations at Odeo and Twitter

4. Crystal Taylor - current Customer Support Manager at Twitter

— noah glass (@noah) March 21, 2006


3. Noah Glass - ousted founder of Twitter


2. Biz Stone


1. Jack Dorsey


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