The 3 Most Hilarious Spelling Bee Contestants Ever

The 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals are on ESPN Thursday at 8pm ET.

3. Dominic Ranz Ebarle Errazo

Bronze goes to our boy Dominic. He shoots for the moon with a little-known, poorly placed Napoleon Dynamite quote to instantly become a legend amongst his buddies back home...bold move Ranz. Then, unfazed and unashamed, he nails his word and sits back down. Well-played.



2. Mr. Heron

His persistence is unlike anything we've ever seen. He must've been thinking that at some point, Dr. Kilpatrick would have just given up and let him spell "heroine." If it's too painful to watch in entirety, just don't miss his reaction at 1:49.


1. Kennyi Aouad

He'll win your heart just like he won ours. After giggling uncontrollably for the majority of the highly coveted two minutes at the mic, he jokes around even more, even pleading for a little extra help. Pronouncer Dr. Jacques Bailly is not amused, but we are. Way to go, Kennyi!


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