Sports' 12 Funniest Google Autocompletes

Over the past few years, Google has gone from "really useful" to "borderline magic". Google's 'autocomplete' feature sometimes knows what you're looking for even before you do, but it still isn't perfect - especially when it comes to sports. Let's take a look at the best (worst?) of autocomplete:

Life's deepest questions. Why are we here? What's the meaning of life? Why are the Giants so awful this year?

Guys, I think we've found a clue!

Enough about the Giants. We aren't biased, unlike some of our competitors...

Guys, there's a reason ESPN is obsessed with the Jets. They are by FAR the most exciting NFL team to watch slowly disintegrate. Let's see what Google thinks about some of their recent quarterbacks...

We all know Tebow's saving it for marriage, but apparently there's some confusion over his ethnicity?

Poor Mark Sanchez. We're sure he's thrilled that his NFL legacy will be that time he ran into his offensive lineman's ass and fumbled the ball.

While we're on the topic of former Jets quarterbacks with tarnished legacies...

Google can't seem to make up its mind about Rex Ryan, though:

The Jets aren't the only NFL team in trouble.

"When will the Browns be good?" Yields about 73,500,000 results, which is appropriate because that's how many years it's going to be before they make the playoffs.

Switching gears - it looks like Lakers F Pau Gasol is a soft, ugly llama with a PhD. Got it.

You know your team sucks when there are thousands of people regularly asking Google if they still exist. Our condolences, Houston.

We knew the results for A-Rod wouldn't be complimentary, and we were not disappointed:

Let's see how everyone's favorite commissioner is doing, in Google's estimation:



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