Photos - College Football Crush of Week 1: Peyton Marie

A super-hot girl who also love sports...doesn't exist, right? Well, if you follow Ohio State student @Peyonceee on Twitter or Instagram, you 'd know that this girl does exist. Talk about a dream girl.

We came across Peyton Marie on Twitter and of course looked her up on Instagram and we were not disappointed. She is hot, funny and loves football, who better to be our College Football Crush - week 1. She is an OSU Buckeye football fan and a Steelers fan and tweets about her love for sports just about as often as she posts sexy selfies.

Peyton, get the Chat Sports iPhone app to follow your teams today: best sports app ever

Follow Peyton:


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See her beautiful photos below:

pey 4

pey 5

pey 6

pey 7

pey 8

pey 9

pey 10

pey 11

pey 12

pey 13

pey 1

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pey 3

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