The ONLY 7 Places DraftKings And FanDuel Have Yet To Advertise, But Probably Will

One-day fantasy sport sites DraftKings and FanDuel have advertisements EVERYWHERE. The two companies have pumped millions of dollars into advertising and it seems like every sports commercial break has a DraftKings and a FanDuel ad.

At this point, there aren't many places where the two companies haven't placed ads. They're on buses, magazine covers and every website known to man. You might even see one right now on Chat Sports. Here are seven places DraftKings and FanDuel have yet to advertise, but could in the near future.  

7. Paying Superstars To Legally Change Their Name 

"Taking the court for the Cleveland Cavaliers, DraftKings James!" 

6. Grade Schools 

FanDuel Elementary School. Use Promo Code "STUDENT" at lunch time for a free $200! 

5. Televangelists

"And today's sermon was brought to you by DraftKings. Use promo code "JESUS" for a free entry into the millionare maker contest!"  

4. Gamblers Anonymous

DraftKings' Gamblers Anonymous, because daily fantasy isn't gambling. Use promo code "BET" and we'll double your earnings this week! 

3. Emergency Services

"Hello, this is DraftKings 911, what's your PromoCo..., I mean Emergency?" 

2. On Each Other's Websites, presented by DraftKings. Use promo code "DK" for a free entry on FanDuel!

1. The Pope 

They are everywhere. (H/t to Kenny Ducey)

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