7 Sports Traditions That Are Uniquely American

American culture and sports are irreversibly linked, and here are seven traditions that you just won't find in other nations around the world.

1. Tailgates

The invention of the modern tailgate is credited by some as a product of Don Canham, a University of Michigan Athletic Director in the 70s. The Wolverines were struggling to fill the massive "Big House," so Canham went began creating marketing materials aimed at a different audience - the American family.

We changed what a football game meant to people. We made it a spectacle, a carnival, a ball. Now they come at seven in the morning, go to the game, then go back to their tailgates. We realized early that you can’t always be No. 1, and can’t advertise that — so we made Saturday an event.

2. Collegiate Athletics

Simply put, no other countries pay any attention to college athletics. Often times, club teams at international universities have less of a following than high school sports do in America.

The Texas Longhorns athletic program was recently valued at $875 million. Not too far away, there are high school stadiums that seat over 20,000.

3. Cuisine

While the traditional peanuts and Cracker Jack still have their place at sporting events, leave it to America to evolve a bit further. At Comerica Park in Detroit, there are over 40 beer options, including an extensive list of local craft brews.

4. The Fans

They're raised proud, and they're raised young.

5. The Almighty Athlete

This should speak for itself:

6. Being The Shit

Who has 109 World Series titles?

Who has 2x more medals than any other Olympic country?

7. Passion

From our toughest moments:


To our finest:


We're proud to be who we are.

The All-American app:

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