5 More Suitable Nicknames For Johnny "Football" Manziel

After Johnny Manziel tore his way through the Titans on Sunday in the Browns' 28-14 victory, we thought now would be a good time to reassess what has become a bland, iffy nickname for Manziel -- "Johnny Football." We're tired of it, and we're sure Johnny is open to ideas on how to freshen things up a bit. So, without further ado, here's 5 More Suitable Nicknames For Johnny "Football" Manziel.

1. Johnny "Swan Lake" Manziel

We're not sure if Manziel owns a pair of ballet shoes, so maybe don't pencil him in as a star of the other "Swan Lake" where men done a ton of sparkles and get down with their inner ballerina. We just know that he likes drinking on inflatable swans.

2. Johnny "Decidedly Not Josh McCown" Manziel

There is no greater compliment for an NFL quarterback than to say they're "not Josh McCown." Well, maybe "not Blaine Gabbert" or "not Brandon Weeden" works.


Sorry, Cowboys fans.

3. Johnny "I Touched Justin Bieber" Manziel

The picture above speaks for itself. Biebermania!!!

4. Johnny "American Football" Manziel

This is for the soccer fans out there. When footie fever takes over the United States (likely to happen in just about 100 years or so), we're banking on the fact that the NFL will become the NAFL. The A is for "American" if you havent been paying attention.

5. Johnny "Million Dollar Manziel"

He's already got the money dance. He's already hated by the majority of NFL fans not sporting the trademark brown & orange. Why shouldn't Johnny grow a crazy mustache/goatee combo, employ a valet, and start cackling randomly like a true wrestling bad guy. C'mon, Johnny. If anyone can pull it off, it's you.

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