3 WWE Superstars GUARANTEED To Be World Champion In 2016

Triple H will undoubtedly hold the WWE World Championship until at least Wrestlemania, with a money showdown against Roman Reigns looking destined for the card at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. However, we're here to look PAST that with our list of 3 WWE Superstars GUARANTEED To Be World Champion In 2016.

Kevin Owens

Owens came into the WWE with a major IMPACT, riding his NXT success and plenty of social media buzz to a high-profile matchup with John Cena at Elimination Chamber last year. He shocked everyone by beating Cena clean, and while Cena evened the series in a fantastic matchup at Money in the Bank, Owens' star was made.

He's been a major feature of Raw & Smackdown since, and an Intercontinental Title win and (after losing the title) a brutal/entertaining feud with Dean Ambrose will be a stepping stone to a run with the title shortly after Wrestlemania with an Authority-assisted win over Roman Reigns.

Dean Ambrose

Who's the perfect guy to take the title off of Owens this summer? We've already had the Summer of Punk...why not the Summer of the Lunatic?? Keep these guys away from each other for about six months and have them go at it in an epic Money in the Bank showdown.

Owens can screw Ambrose out of the title at Money in the Bank (with the Authority's help) and/or Battleground before Ambrose destroys Owens with a giant 15-foot Dirty Deeds in a ladder match at Summerslam.

AJ Styles

Vince McMahon is listening. Triple H is listening too. There's a reason why WWE let the 18-year veteran and international star bypass NXT and make his debut at the Royal Rumble -- he's MONEY.

Did you hear how the roof blew off both at the Rumble and at Raw? With a win over Chris Jericho already in his back pocket and a bunch of TNA, New Japan and change-thirsty WWE fans on his side, the Phenomenal One will be at the top of the WWE mountain by the team the Road To Wrestlemania 33 gets going.

Styles vs. Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania? Maybe throw in the recently-signed Shinsuke Nakamura? We'd freak out (in a good way).

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