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REVEALED: FIFA's plan to help football re-emerge from coronavirus... Out of contract stars WILL stay with their clubs, a longer transfer window and no international break

FIFA has drawn up plans to rescue the current football season – which would see player contracts extended and transfer windows put back.

In a significant development, the global game’s governing body has recognised the current coronavirus crisis as a ‘force majeure’ – an unforeseen circumstance that prevents a contract from being fulfilled.

FIFA’s regulations state that in such cases their council can make amendments, which importantly they feel gives them the power to act.

FIFA has drawn up plans to help football recover from the global coronavirus pandemic

A confidential document seen by Sportsmail by FIFA’s working group on Covid-19 to be discussed on Friday, also opens the door for clubs to work with players to agree on deferred or reduced salaries ‘by reasonable amounts for any period of work stoppage’.