The Premier League 2022: Who Is The Favorite To Finish Fourth?

With the Premier League only allowing its top four competitors to move on to the UEFA Champions League, the stakes have never been higher. There are a ton of incredibly talented teams fighting for the fourth spot, and in reality, all of the aforementioned teams easily deserve a chance at going into the Champions League.

Alas, there can only be four, and with the first three spots being all but said and done, this may be the last and only chance for some of the teams to move on up. Let's dive in and take a look at the current favorites to finish fourth.

Arsenal Look Like a Perfect Fit
To jump straight into who we think is most likely to come fourth, we, as well as most others, believe that Arsenal is the most probable candidate. This isn’t just a widespread belief; there is a myriad of evidence to show that Arsenal is the most likely to come forth by terms of points, and they perhaps fit the bill better than many of the other options on this list.

Arsenal has had a pretty great season so far, and they have managed to garner an impressive number of points. Furthermore, when you factor in the current predictions for their upcoming games, it is looking like they are right on track to take fourth place. Of course, that's not to say that anything is set in stone.

Things could easily change course, and there is no guarantee that everyone's top prediction is going to come true. However, in terms of statistics, Arsenal is looking like the best bet. As things already stand, Arsenal is close to securing fourth when compared to most other teams, and it would come as no surprise if they did end up taking the last spot.

Manchester United's Fall From Grace
If you take a look at any of the best betting offers from any of the top bookies, you are almost never going to see any bonuses for people that bet on Man Utd. This is because Man Utd are infamous for being one of the best teams in the league, and more often than not, they are the favorites to win.

Moreover, there is no exception this season; Manchester United has been doing incredibly well, and it is looking as if they are going to make it into the top four. However, unlike previous seasons, Man Utd’s path through the league has not been as smooth as in recent years.

It is not uncommon to see Man Utd come first or second in the season, but this time, it looks as if they are struggling to make the cut. Even Roy Keane thinks Utd will finish fourth in May when the season completes, and if a player/manager as canny as he is makes a prediction, it would be a good idea to listen.

Only time will tell whether or not Manchester United is able to make it into the top four. Going by their reputation and history, it would definitely come as no shock, and in fact, it would perhaps be more surprising to see them not make it into the top four.

Tottenham Are Doing Good, But Not Great
Tottenham is doing incredibly well this season compared to their past performances, and if they keep going in the direction they are, we may even see them taking the fourth spot. However, as you can tell by the subheading, this is unlikely to be the case.

Even though Tottenham have been performing exceptionally throughout this whole season, that’s not to say things haven't been a struggle. In order for them to take the fourth spot they would have to beat out some incredible teams, and going by their upcoming matches, it is not looking too promising.

However, it is certainly more than possible. Tottenham has a much better chance than most of getting a spot into the Champions League, and if they are able to overcome some of the vicious competitors they are going to come up against, they will well and truly deserve the fourth spot.

So, who do you think will end up taking the fourth spot? As things stand now, there is still no clear cut answer. Any of the teams we mentioned could easily find themselves winding up fourth, and there is no doubt that they all deserve a shot at competing in the Champions League.

It's going to be interesting to see how things turn out.

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