Could this January Transfer Window be the Most Important Ever for Newcastle United?

January is approaching, and once again it’s transfer season. Players are rethinking their future, owners are making deals, and fans are making speculations.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United is scrambling around for a new player. After a dismal start to the season, they are at risk of getting relegated. They’re having trouble proving themselves worthy of the place, and players know it. The hope brought in by a change in ownership has not only rid them of what the fans believed were obstacles to success, but it has given them plenty in the transfer kitty to overhaul the squad.

It's going to be a long second-half of the season for the Magpie faithful. The employment of Eddie Howe as head coach has offered some the chance to see more entertaining football. If you’re still looking to buy Premier League tickets online click here, and you could find yourself at St. James’ Park experiencing a Newcastle United team much more open to attacking than they were under Steve Bruce. However, they are very susceptible defensively. Goals are a guarantee, it seems. The squad, though, needs an overhaul to sure up the front and back of this team to give themselves even a remote chance of survival this season. Otherwise, their long-awaited takeover will begin on a serious backfoot.

Can Newcastle pull it off? Or will they have to really grovel to get some quality players on board? Read on to see what’s at stake for Newcastle United ahead of the January transfer window. 

Is Phillipe Coutinho coming in? 
That would be a “no”. A loud and resounding “no”.  

And yet, the Brazilian Barcelona attacker is having trouble attracting any other offers. The, frankly insulting, firm no might just turn into a “please?” if things don’t go his way soon.  

Having been bought from Liverpool in 2018 for €166 million, the Barcelona player has yet to make an impact during his time at Camp Nou, and there are reports from that he “will leave” in January. However, his waning hype paired with his high wage demand are making offers thin on the ground, and Newcastle might just be his only choice.  

What does that mean for Newcastle? Well, they’d gain a good player. Not amazing, but good. A realistic option for a team that has often been described in the same way. 

Is Dusan Vlahovic coming in? 
A lot of managerial eyes have been on Dusan Vlahovic this year. The Serbian striker has attracted the attention of Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Juventus to name but a few, as well as, of course, Newcastle.  

The Fiorentina player has been in the minds of Newcastle owners due to his record-breaking 31 Serie-A goals in a calendar year was confirmed this year, and, it was confirmed today, has been offered a whopping €100 million by Newcastle to join the team.  

However, this isn’t Vlahovic’s first offer, and he has loudly said no to a €80 million offer from Arsenal, saying that he is looking to join a club that is likely to make it to the Champions League. Many would say he is sending signals to Man Utd, who are only two points away from their place in the league. But if Newcastle manage to make it to the Champions League, with only three points keeping them from it, they’d have a formidable player on their side.  

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