Addressing The Similarities: NFL And The EPL Has More In Common Than We Realize

Fans of the English Premier League might be tempted to think that the term “football” truly belongs to the beautiful game. Some even consider American gridiron football as a strange code and probably think it is imperfect. However, you will be surprised to know that the two sports have a lot in common. If you have been following NFL and Premier League results online on the leading betting platform, Vwin, a top sports site in Asia, you are aware of a few similarities between the two sports. Here are some similarities between the two leagues. 

Growing Global Viewership
In the recent past, the EPL and the NFL have been having similar trajectories in terms of international influence. Both have become more popular globally than ever before. 

Much of their success can be attributed to their concerted campaigns to meet fans from wherever they are. For example, the NFL strategically targets Mexico and the US through the International Series. The series includes several matches played in Mexico City and London. 

On the other hand, EPL teams usually tour the US in the summer for friendlies played in NFL stadiums. Some of the top EPL clubs to tour the US include Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal

Club Valuations
It is worth noting that EPL and NFL are big money leagues. This includes player salaries, broadcast contracts, and the sale of merchandise. Even though the NFL has more clubs worth a billion dollars and more, the EPL list is also impressive. For example, NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are regarded as the most valuable club of any sport globally. The club is valued at $5 billion. 

On the other hand, Manchester United’s $3.81 billion is the heftiest valuation of an EPL club. This makes the club owned by the Glazer brothers the sixth most valuable sports club in the world. The other EPL clubs worth more than a billion dollars include Manchester City ($1.41 billion), Liverpool FC ($1.23 billion), and Tottenham ($1.03 billion). 

Popularity with Sports Betting Fans
The NFL and EPL are the most-watched sports globally. Moreover, they are also the most wagered-on sports globally. The bets placed on these two sports by bettors are unbelievable. 

For instance, reports from bookmakers reveal that every EPL match usually attracts over a billion Euros in bets. On the other hand, the 2018 Super Bowl wagers were a staggering 4.76 billion USD making it the wealthiest single sporting event globally in betting dollars. 

Moreover, the betting platforms report that there is a significant overlap in the type of bets placed in the two sports. For example, parlay bets are popular in NFL, while accumulator bets are popular in the EPL. 

Attendance Numbers
The EPL and NFL are not just for TV viewers. Both leagues blossom on massive crowds showing up for matchday games. For the two sports, the only limiting factor is the size of the stadiums.  

For example, the top EPL and NFL clubs are usually nearly sold out for their home matches. On the other hand, teams performing poorly in both leagues struggle to fill their stadiums. 

Bottom Line 
As you can see, there are many similarities between the two leagues. The ones shared here are just the most notable ones. So, what other similarities are you aware of? 

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