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Spurs Join Hornets Within One Win of Blazers

The San Antonio Spurs upset the New York Knicks in overtime Friday night, creating a log jam in the NBA’s draft lottery positioning. Once solidly in the third position for the draft lottery, the Spurs are on a three-game winning streak while the teams in front of them, including the Portland Trail Blazers, keep losing.

Here’s an update on the league’s draft lottery status, based on the position of the Blazers:

6. Toronto Raptors, 23-50 (4 wins ahead)
5. Portland Trail Blazers, 19-55
4. Charlotte Hornets, 18-55 (1 win behind)
3. San Antonio Spurs, 18-56 (1 win behind)

The Raptors, who have lost 12 straight, have barely gained any ground on the fifth spot.