Trail Blazers News: Freeland Feared Worst, Relieved To Hear Short Injury Timeline

Portland Trail Blazers backup center Joel Freeland hurt his shoulder during the team's loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night, and originally feared he could miss a significant chunk of time.

"When I did it, I just felt something happen. I didn't know what it was. It was kind of a tearing sensation," The Trail Blazers center said at the team's practice facility on Sunday. "I felt like I'd done something pretty bad. It just kinda went numb."

Freeland didn't suffer a tear or any structural damage when he hurt his right shoulder, but did strain it enough to be ruled out for two weeks before the team reevaluates his status. Still, that timeline is welcome news to Freeland.

"I was kind of happy when they said like two weeks, because in the moment I thought it was like surgery," He told reporters with his arm was supported in sling after Blazers practice. "That's how bad it felt in the moment. When they gave me that timeline of two weeks, I was kind of happy and kind of relieved."

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