You Should Watch These Casino Movies

Are you a film fan? Do you like the thrill of gambling in casinos? If you answered “yes” to both questions, keep reading.

We’ll be taking a look at six of the best casino themed movies that you might enjoy. Some of them are instant classics. After watching them, you might get an itch to gamble with some money.

There are plenty of online Australian casinos where you’ll play some of your favorite games. Whether you love slots or want to play some hands of blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em poker, you can be able to win a good amount of money and enjoy playing for hours on end.

You might not be like James Bond and have a ton of money, but with a good strategy and just having fun you will find online casinos very enjoyable.

Before you start winning some money, let’s take a look at these casinos movies that may play an inspirational role:

Casino Royale
This 2006 film adaptation is based on Sir Ian Fleming’s first novel featuring none other than 007 himself (James Bond). It’s no secret that Bond fancies himself as a skilled poker player (as this was evident in the first ever Bond film “Dr. No”). But it was Bond himself that gained the upper hand in almost every round against his archnemesis Le Chiffre.

The high-stakes scene where Bond wins against the villain points out one thing: the bad guys hate to lose their money that would otherwise go towards their evil deeds. Can you save the world one casino game at a time? Not likely.

Obviously, it’s a classic film from Martin Scorcese that has such a fitting title (especially since the movie itself is casino-themed). This movie could be the closest thing you can get to the Vegas lifestyle. The film stars the legendary Robert de Niro, who plays a former mob boss who has since gone legitimate to run a casino in Las Vegas.

However, he returns to mob life after a mafia boss played by Joe Pesci asks him for a favor. Who can forget that iconic scene of the two arguing in the desert? While Vegas may be a glamorous place to visit and gamble, the film shows what may be a darker side to Sin City.

It comes as no surprise that the mob has a presence in Sin City and most of the large cities in the United States. It also covers how far some people can go to get their way to the top while breaking the rules. If you like mob movies like the Godfather, you’ve probably seen this already.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Ocean’s Eleven
Whether you watch the 2001 remake or the 1960 original featuring the Vegas legends known as “The Rat Pack”, you are in for a treat for a film that features an all-star cast. In the 2001 version, Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney) is fresh out of jail and plotting his next move.

He travels to Vegas to propose what could be the greatest heist he’s ever done. The plan: rob not one, not two, but three of the major casinos in Las Vegas. In reality, it will seem impossible to do.

So rather than rob a casino (which is illegal anyway), you and some of your buddies can get in on the action and play some of your favorite casino games like poker or blackjack. Whether you win or one of your friends do, there’s a lot of fun that will go on.

The Hangover
Four friends celebrating a bachelor party in Las Vegas. The day after that: things get very crazy when one of them goes missing. This film is a prime example of “what happens in Vegas” stays there.

There is one scene where one of the characters named Alan happens to be a whiz at card counting. He sits down and wins hand after hand of blackjack. If you want plenty of laughs, this is the comedy film that you really should watch.

Sure, there’s a little bit of gambling. And the wild party scene takes place at the famed Bellagio. This film is definitely a win-win for someone who is a fan of comedy.

The Gambler
This film features Mark Wahlberg as an English teacher who is addicted to high-stakes gambling. He pays a steep price after losing a game of blackjack against some criminals. To make matters worse, he owes them close to a quarter million dollars.

It’s a race against time where life is at stake, this film shows that gambling can be dangerous when you carelessly take risks. Granted, you may never go up against hardened criminals in a game of online blackjack. But considering that taking high risks may yield high rewards, it may be your downfall.

Don’t lose your chips quicker than you earn them. Play it safe, make small bets consistently, and you’ll be in the game longer than usual. Even though it’s a movie, you’d be surprised with the amount of real life lessons you can learn from them.

Rain Man
Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the 1988 classic featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman plays the autistic older brother of Tom Cruise’s character, Charlie. When Charlie sees that his brother Raymond is one of the smartest guys ever, he devises a plan to take Raymond to Las Vegas.

He intends to use Raymond’s brain to help count cards so they win at the game of blackjack. Despite the fact that card counting is frowned upon, it’s important to know that it’s never wise to cheat the system. But in the movies, Cruise’s plan seems to pay off big time.

Final Thoughts
These six casino-themed films are definitely those “can’t miss” types. You’ll watch one after the other and be fascinated by the storyline. However, there are some lessons that you can learn here. One of them is what happens in the movies may not work to your advantage in reality.

Don’t bet big in an attempt to win big, never cheat the system, and just have fun with it. 

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