The Lifestyle Of An AFL Player

Being an AFL player is a big commitment. It’s a very stressful and intense lifestyle.

Players will go from the off-season, that is training intensive, to the season’s big games. They are under a lot of pressure.

After all, the AFL is extremely popular in Australia and is known for being very competitive and ruthless.

Fans eagerly wait for their favorite team and player(s) to come out onto the field. As an AFL player, all eyes are on you.

Many of them are afraid of disappointing their fans and their team members which leads to more anxiety and stress.

So what do AFL players do in their downtime to unwind a little bit? What are some of their hobbies that keep them from cracking under pressure?

Favorite hobbies of AFL players

Here are some of the most popular hobbies of AFL players.

Gaming is a popular hobby for many athletes, including for those outside of the AFL. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being a gamer himself and playing poker games to learn English.

Many AFL players love to unwind by playing some games as well. One popular game is the online casino slot Big Bass Splash.

Casino slot games are actually some of the most popular games in the AFL for a number of reasons. The first reason is that they’re quick to play.

Unlike many other games, some slot games only last a few minutes. This means that players can play a short game and then go back to training.

The second reason is that they are easy to access. Most online casinos have apps or can be accessed via mobile devices.

This means that athletes can access these games on their phones. They can also choose to play on their laptops or on a gaming device if they want to.

The range of gaming options contribute to this gaming category’s success.

The third reason is that online slot games do not require a lot of concentration, strategy or use of probability. It’s a perfect game to just relax and have fun without overthinking. 

The fourth reason is that slot games have fun visuals, themes and symbols that make the entire gaming experience more attractive and enjoyable.

But AFL athletes don’t only enjoy online slot games, they also love sports games.

For example, FIFA is a widely popular game as well as the American Football Champs and the CBS Franchise Football gaming apps.

Even during their downtime or in the off-season, AFL athletes still have to exercise to make sure they stay in shape and are physically ready for the start of the season.

This is why so many athletes will have other sports hobbies on top of their AFL training. The most popular sports hobbies of AFL athletes include running, golfing, swimming, and weightlifting at the gym.  

Many of these hobbies help them stay in shape and improve their performance at AFL games by reinforcing or developing certain body muscles and sets of skills. For example, playing golf can help an athlete improve their concentration, precision and patience.

Spa, massage and relaxation time Cooking and eating 
AFL athletes usually love to eat and cook during their downtime. After an intense season or training session, they love to eat a big meal.

Whether they are making omelets, meat dishes, protein shakes, delicious salads… these AFL athletes love their meals. 

Final thoughts
In this article, we discussed some of the key aspects in an AFL player’s lifestyle. There are many more aspects of course but these are the most common and popular ones.

What are some of the hobbies that you also share with AFL players? Which ones are you now inspired to try out after reading this article?

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