How Does Sports Betting Actually Work?

The participation of sports betting has experienced a bombastic increase for years. Ever since it has been possible to place bets on sporting events quite simply via the Internet, more and more people have been gratefully accepting the offer. In the meantime, several million players in Germany regularly bet on very different sports. The most popular are Formula 1, basketball, golf, tennis and, of course, football, but also the marginal sports such as handball, NASCAR and even surfing are pushing their way onto the market. Despite the many different sports and the numerous participants here in Germany, there are still many uncertainties about the subject of sports betting. This is especially true for questions about where they are placed, what needs to be considered and how the process works. These questions and some other general facts about the topic will be clarified in the following article.

A brief history of sports betting
Sports betting has a long history, one could almost speak of a kind of tradition. Already the Greeks made bets on the first Olympic Games or the Romans on chariot races and gladiator fights. The possibility of placing sports bets on the Internet is, of course, a new development. These have been around for several years, but have only been fully legal in Germany since 2011. Previously, sports bets could also be placed online, but this was only possible via foreign servers and was not legal. Fortunately for both players and companies, there was a partial opening of the market in 2011, which made it possible to place sports bets online without restrictions. Since then, the market has been growing in terms of the number of customers, companies and sums.

Place a sports bet
A bet is defined as an agreement between two or more persons betting on a particular event. Sports betting is governed by the Gambling Act, because gambling is the placing of a bet on an event that will not end until the future. These are the two basic principles for sports betting. They have always been regulated in this way and they still take place on the Internet today. The mobile network and technological progress have made it possible to place a bet with an app anytime and anywhere. So bets are no longer placed in a betting office, but with a bookmaker, of whom there are now several hundred on the market. Placing a bet is amazingly simple. Of course, you first have to open a user account with the bookmaker of your choice, more about that later. Then you choose a sport and a league and choose a betting option. This is for example the winner of a game or a race. Then a pop-up window opens in which you can enter the amount you want to bet on the betting option and confirm the bet. It should be noted that the design varies from page to page.

This is what the odds of the betting options mean
A betting option is a selection of a bet for a sporting event, which can be placed either as a single bet, combination bet or system bet. A single bet is the winner of a sporting event, as mentioned above as an example. Other bets can be a player's goals, a team's substitutions, the fastest lap of a race, or the number of pit stops in a race. A single bet is a bet on an event or moment of an encounter. Of course there are countless of them, but in football alone it is possible to choose from more than 40,000 individual bets in the first leagues. A combination bet is the combination of several individual bets, for example a bet on the results of an entire match day of the German Bundesliga. This disperses the risk and increases the chances of winning. A system bet is the combination of several combination bets and has the same principle as well as goal. If you now place a sports bet, you will see a certain odds with every betting option, regardless of whether it is a single, combination or system bet. The odds multiplied by the stake are the winnings of the bet. The number of the odds is the result of a statistical calculation of the probability for the event. High odds are a sign that this betting option is less likely and riskier, but also more profitable. This is the attraction as well as the difficulty of sports betting to read, understand and use the odds correctly. Because with the right bet it is possible to increase the chances of winning with multiple bets on an option.

Information is the decisive factor - you don't play with luck
With the odds it is therefore possible to find out how likely and risky this betting option is before placing a bet or researching the betting option. Probability and odds are interrelated. A low odds indicates a very likely event. This could be, for example, the betting option that FC Bayern Munich will win against FC Braunschweig from the third league. On the other hand, the odds that Braunschweig would win the game are very high because the event is statistically very unlikely. Although the risks of a bet can already be identified, the first step of each bet must be a comprehensive research of the statistics, tables and general sports news. Only with sufficient information about the sport as well as tips and tricks on how to place targeted and successful bets, sports betting with responsibility is possible. Both types of information can be found on Furthermore, the best bookmakers for sports betting can be found on this platform. The test results provided on the website, customer opinions and a search function, in which individual criteria such as the payment option with crypto currencies, the amount of bonuses or the option to place sports bets via an app can be entered, help to select the best bookmakers, and the list of bookmakers is re-sorted.

The individual steps to placing a bet
Once the right bookmaker has been found, the user account can be created quickly and easily. Then an amount is deposited into the account, whereby usually one hundred percent of the deposited sum is credited as a bonus. You should be very careful with the bonus, because it is worth it to make with minimal bets many different betting options to gain experience before it goes to your own money. It's also worth looking at unpopular sports as well as lower leagues. For example, the odds in the third Bundesliga are above average. The first step is always the information research, because there are always references to sports and leagues, which are currently very attractive, profitable and risk-free. This information can also be found on the Internet pages of the bookmakers in addition to the general sports news.

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