The Future is Live

It really does seem inconceivable that it was only a decade or so since the launch of the very first iPhone and I sometimes wonder if Steve Jobs knew just how much his statement ‘this is going to change the way we communicate forever’ would turn out to be so dramatic in its truth.

Since those early days and as technology advanced in leaps and bounds, as the hardware also became better and the internet became more reliable and readily available the smartphone has become the essential piece of kit not to leave home without. 

Not only do we use them to communicate in a myriad of ways we also shop and browse for goods and services, monitor our health and carry out a whole host of other tasks that without the smartphone would have eaten precious time out of our busy days. 

Society has changed and we are in the mobile revolution. Younger people stay at home a lot more than they used to and they source their entertainment through their PC’s, laptops or mobile devices. This has led to many companies optimizing their software just for the purpose of being able to give a great gaming experience, for example, to their mobile users. 

In fact, if we want to look at how dramatic this turn towards online play instead of getting ready to go out for an evening of fun has the upper hand then we need to look no further than the casino industry. 

It used to be that if we wanted to experience that thrill of the tables or slots then we would get ourselves dressed and ready to go out with our family and friends. 

Today, things are very much different as now possible to play live casinos games like live dealer poker, baccarat and live dealer roulette straight from a bricks and mortar venue in real time with other real people and of course a live dealer or croupier all of which you can interact with whilst you are enjoying your games. 

Bringing in this live element to your living room has proved to be a genius move for the gambling industry as it brings the whole feel of being right there in the action without having to leave home, which of courses appeals to many people today. 

The rules of Live games are exactly the same as standard games and you might have to wait a little time to get a seat at a table, just like would have to do at a bricks and mortar venue. But they are well worth setting aside a little of your bank roll to just experience if nothing else, and as technology advances further I wouldn’t be surprised to see VR casinos right up there in popularity with WSOP competitions being held in virtual reality where we can witness all the action via our own headsets.

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