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Biggest Casino Wins in History with a Little Backstory
Casinos have been a part of the culture of first-world countries for a very long time. While it’s a strictly regulated industry and most of the time the house wins, there have been some serious winning records. 

That’s what we plan to discuss in this post. The biggest wins in the history of casinos. You’d be glad to know that some of the wins were made in online casinos. It means you have every bit of chance as the rest of the players to score such a win for yourself. 

Biggest Wins Made in the History of Casinos 
In this section, we’re going to list the biggest wins at both offline and online casinos. Some of the incidents may shock you as well. We’re going to start from the biggest one and go down from there. But before you start, you might want to check out to check out your potential destinations in Ireland. 

The $50 Million Fortune of Archie Karas
This is the story of how a broke man from Greece changed his life (for a while at least) by playing the game of poker. When Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis or commonly known as Archie Karas relocated to Las Vegas, he supposedly had only $50 in his pocket. 

But he was surprisingly good at poker and lady luck started to shine her light on Archie. He became “the run” of Las Vegas with over $40 million within the span of only 30 months. 

Apparently, he was not very good at holding the fortune so it’s all gone for him now. 

The $39.7 Million Jackpot at Excalibur Casino
The Excalibur Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas is quite well-known among players who spend a good chunk of their worth on gambling. This winning we’re talking about is not new in any way. So, you might already know about it. 

Yes, we’re talking about the infamous $39.7 million jackpot back in 2003. It was the Megabucks slot machine that changed the life of the player. While the player himself/herself is unnamed, we know that they were from LA. 

The slot in question, Megabucks has been entertaining casino players since 1986. It took almost 30 years for it to pay such a win. 

$35 Million at Desert Inn
If you haven’t guessed already, this casino is also in Las Vegas. The winner for this one is Cynthia Jay Brennan, who won the massive $35 million jackpot back in 2000. She was only 37 back then. So, you’d think that the jackpot win changed her life forever. 

But this is where the story takes a tragic turn. Within a few months of her winning the jackpot, she was involved in a car crash that left her paralyzed for life. 

Can you guess what the game was for her case? It was the Megabucks again! It seems like this game was really lucky for the players during the early 2000s, doesn’t it? Or not?

€17.8 Million at PAF Online Casino
When it comes to casinos in Europe, PAF casino is quite reputed among the players. So, it’s not a surprise at all that this casino made it into our list of the biggest wins in the history of casinos. 

The win is valued at €17.8 and it was won back in 2013. So, this winning is not that old considering the other ones we’ve covered so far. Then again, it’s understandable because the trend of online casinos is not that old anyway. 

The winning came from NetEnt’s Mega Fortune jackpot slot. This game has been a popular choice among players for its progressive payout nature. The €17.8 million win was credited to a player from Finland, who remains unnamed to this day. Well, if you’re wondering, €17.8 million was equivalent to around $23.6 million back in 2013. 

The Palace Station Casino Pays Over $27.6 Million
The tale this time is of a woman who spent around $300 and won a humongous $27.6 million at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. She was a retiree who went inside the casino only to kill some time. Interestingly, she was planning to spend $100 only. 

In retrospect, this is the oldest win on our list so far. It was back in 1998! And it was from the Megabucks machine! As it seems, the machine was not only lucky during the 2000s but also during the 1990s! 

This unnamed woman is said to be a local in the Las Vegas area and she has been visiting Palace Station for over 23 years. She was supposed to receive $1.1 million every year, for 25 years. Considering the current timeline, she’s about to receive her last paycheck anytime!

£13.2 Million to the British Hero
Back in 2013, a British soldier won a massive £13.2 million jackpot from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot. If you’re not aware, Mega Moolah is the largest jackpot network of our time. It has supposedly paid over a billion in winnings only. The game has been a part of Microgaming’s jackpot network since 2006. 

Unlike many of the other winnings on this list, we know who the winner is for this one. It’s Jon Hayward from Crewe. His stake for the winning spin was only 25p! Do you believe you can get that lucky at an online casino Ireland, or in any other country?

$21.1 Million at Cannery Casino & Hotel
Elmer Sherwin might just be the luckiest human being on earth. Why you ask? Because he won a massive $21.1 million jackpot from the Megabucks slot back in 2005. The event took place at the Cannery Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas. 

You might be wondering why we call this man the luckiest, right? It’s because he previously won a $4.6 million jackpot at the Mirage Hotel & Casino back in 1989. It’s very rare for the same player to win 2 jackpots in their lifetime. Wouldn’t you call it lucky?

Wrapping Up
The thing with casino winnings is that you can’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. It goes equally for an online casino as well as an offline casino. If you’re lucky, you might even win from an online casino Ireland no deposit bonus and change your life. All you need to do is try. 

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