Juicy-Ray Bitar Ft. Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson

Here's the Remix to Juicy by the late great Biggie Smalls by Ray Bitar Ft. Howard Lederer & Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.



It was all a scheme

I'm just a fat ugly money fiend

instead of robbing people I should switch to eating Lean Cuisine

now I'll be behind bars, cuz they took my mansion, my company and all my cars

but you paid for em, when you deposited, thank god all those people invested,

if it weren''t for Black Friday, I woulda gotton away, with making you pay for all my fish filets

but instead I'll be in jail for now, with a ponzi so bad it'd made Bernie Madoff proud,

but at least I won't be alone, the Proffesor and Jesus will be there to

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