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Thanking Dad for my passion for the Steelers and Terry Bradshaw for reminding me how lucky I am

Today is Father’s Day and it’s a double-dip of delight for me. After a bout with cancer at the age of 31, I was told that conceiving children would be very difficult for me. 16 years later, I am grateful to boast two children (a nearly 12-year old boy and a 10-year old girl) that look a lot like me and share my idiosyncrasies and a third (my stepson) that I am proud to call my son. I’m also blessed to still have my dad, who, at age 24, thankfully started a lot earlier than I did. I already gave him his Father’s Day gift last week, but I didn’t think it was nearly good enough after the 47 years of love and encouraged that he’s granted me, so I decided to give him these printed words of thanks.