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Strackbein Says: This is why the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl LIII

Le’Veon Bell. Ben Roethlisberger. Antonio Brown. Joe Haden. Cameron Heyward. David DeCastro. Jesse James. Roosie Nix. T.J. Watt. Terrell Edmunds. Morgan Burnett.

Pick a position on this team and name a start. It’s easy. No matter what position you think of, the Pittsburgh Steelers contain a star to headline the depth chart. But it isn’t a star-studded roster that makes this team ready for a ring.

I’ll tell you what does. I’ll explain exactly why, how every detail, makes this team the the favorite for Super Bowl LIII.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Here’s number one. There was absolutely no way the Pittsburgh Steelers should’ve lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Divisional round, last year.