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Steelers Can Now Turn Focus To Possible New Deals For Tuitt, Villanueva

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While the Pittsburgh Steelers ultimately failed to sign running back Le’Veon Bell to a long-term contract extension prior to Monday’s deadline, the team is still likely to get new deals done with at least one other player and quite possibly even more prior to them traveling to Cleveland for their regular season opener.

With no new deal being consummated with Bell, the Steelers still have plenty of salary cap space to work with even though the running back will count $12.12 million against it. While the NFLPA currently has the Steelers with $16,175,763 in available salary cap space as of Monday morning, the actual available amount the team has to spend is much lower than that number being as they still need to account for things such as a 52nd and 53rd player on their final roster in addition to a 10-man practice squad and a roughly $3 million reserve amount to use in case of injuries.