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Randy Fichtner embraces the pressure that comes with being the Steelers’ offensive coordinator

Being the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers is anything but easy. Every fan across the globe always criticizes ever decision made.

They need to run more no-huddle.

Why are they so pass-happy?

Just run it right down their throats!

Essentially, unless you go undefeated, and the offense averages 30-points a game — fans aren’t happy. In Pittsburgh, new offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner embraces this pressure which comes with his new promotion.

“No doubt. I would say that, specifically here, and I’ve always said this: You’re the true fan and you’ve been with us the whole time, from birth and all that and you buy a ticket to the stadium and you have never wavered, then you have the right,” Fichtner told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.