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Pittsburgh Steelers Fact or Fiction: a-ha edition

There’s always so much to talk about when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the inquiries surrounding the black-and-gold are definitely ever-evolving, especially this week with the guessing going on more than anything with little action going on. It seems like the musical selection that best fits this week’s Fact or Fiction could be the timeless No. 1 hit from 1985, “Take On Me” by a-ha.

Here’s a sample of that great single...

So needless to say

I’m odds and ends

I’ll be stumbling away

Slowly learning that life is OK

Say after me

It’s no better to be safe than sorry

Take on me, (take on me)

Take me on, (take on me)

I’ll be gone

In a day or two

Oh the things that you say

Is it live or

Just to play my worries away

You’re all the things I’ve got to remember

You’re shying away

I’ll be coming for you anyway

You can ponder the significance or wonder whether they are really related here.