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2018 Week 1 Offensive Charting Notes

With the regular season underway, it’s time to dig back into our charting notes. The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a tie—odd, yes. Also odd was their ability to turn the ball over six times in the same game. And having two touchdowns negated in a row before scoring on the third chance. But I digress.

  • Personnel groupings:
    • 01: 7/85 (8.2%)
    • 11: 56/85 (65.9%)
    • 12: 1/85 (1.2%)
    • 13: 3/85 (3.5%)
    • 22: 17/85 (8.2%)
    • V-32: 1/85 (1.2%)
  • As you can clearly see, the Steelers made very extensive use of three- and four-receiver sets in spite of the fact that they held a lead for most of the game, but they did break out the heavier sets late.