Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 Schedule, Record Prediction, Game Previews & Opponent Breakdowns

The Pittsburgh Steelers are without their star WR Antonio Brown, but could Ben Ben lead the Steelers to the AFC Championship & beyond? With offseason additions like Steven Nelson, Mark Barron, Donte Moncrief and nine new rookies, everyone has high hopes for the black and yellow. The 2019 NFL regular season will be a tough start, facing off against the defending Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football but let’s take an in-depth look at the Steelers’ entire regular season schedule, opponents and make some predictions. 

Pittsburgh’s home opener is in week 2 vs. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks who came out on top in their last head to head game in 2015. And while the Steelers will not go up against Antonio Brown, aka Mr. Big Chest, they’ll see Le’Veon Bell and the Jets in week 16. The Browns finally strung together a few wins last season and the Steelers will have to play Baker Mayfield and co. two times in just 3 weeks, week 11 marking their last primetime game of the season with Thursday Night Football. 

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Here’s the full breakdown of the Steelers 2019 schedule:
Week 1: at Patriots (SNF)
Week 2: vs. Seahawks
Week 3: at 49ers 
Week 4: vs. Bengals
Week 5: vs. Ravens
Week 6: at Chargers (SNF)
Week 7: BYE 
Week 8: vs. Dolphins
Week 9: vs. Colts
Week 10: vs. Rams
Week 11: at Browns (TNF)
Week 12: at Bengals
Week 13: vs. Browns
Week 14: at Cardinals
Week 15: vs. Bills
Week 16: at Jets
Week 17: at Ravens 

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