Pittsburgh Steelers News: Fullback Will Johnson May Be Included in The Passing Game

No one may have told Will Johnson of the Pittsburgh Steelers in advance that he will be used more often in the passing game for 2013. But after three consecutive weeks full of various team activities, it led to the intention that this was the case for the fullback of the team.

This may have been due to Heath Miller being out recovering from his knee surgery that will still likely keep him out of the first part of the season. With still no possible replacement for the dented position, it is expected for the Steelers to try to focus instead on their soft handed fullback.

According to Johnson himself, they have been putting him in the red zone along with some angle routes here and there. He said that he will do everything he can to make him remain a valuable member of the team. With an interesting background of being accidentally seen at a workout, he ended up playing for the Steelers in all of its 16 games during the previous year.

As for Johnson, he said that he wanted to perfect his craft and even become a better and more coachable player for the Steelers.

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