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A tale of two cities: Cubs lead by veteran stars, mix of young players have dominated Pirates

It’s embarrassing. There’s no other way to put it. Sure, I’m being blunt, but how else should this be approached?

The Chicago Cubs have dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates all season. How bad? Following a 14-1 trouncing to begin a three-game series, with eight runs scored in the bottom of the 8th, the Cubs continued their onslaught against the 2023 Bucs.

Pittsburgh is now 1-10 against the Cubs this season. The Pirates are 69-71 against everyone else. Facing off against each other, the results haven’t been close.


13th: 11-3 road loss 14th: 10-6 road loss 15th: 7-2 road loss

19th: 8-0 home loss 20th: 4-0 home loss 21st: 9-3 home loss


24th: 5-4 home loss 25th: 2-1 home win!