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Phoenix Suns: Which Disney animated film best represents the franchise?

All the momentum seems to point to Disney World being the bubble site for the NBA’s return to play, so in the spirit of Mickey, we here at Valley of the Suns thought it would be fun to compare the Phoenix Suns franchise to an animated Disney film.

For starters, comparing the Phoenix Suns franchise to a Disney film is tougher than you might think. However, after long consideration, The Princess and the Frog seems most fitting. Stay with me.

Even though many Disney films, especially the earlier ones, have darker aspects to them (if you don’t believe me watch the original ‘Pinocchio’ from 1941, it is essentially an hour and a half of child trafficking, sinister experiments, and terror), the general premise of the classic Disney animated film is “all’s well that ends well” as the main characters get their happy ending.