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Hundreds show up for Phoenix Suns forward Kelly Oubre Jr.'s 'Valley Boyz' pop-up shop

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"Val-ley Boyz! Val-ley Boyz!"

Kelly Oubre Jr. couldn't hear enough of that.

"Ya'll know, keep that thing ringing man," Oubre said while signing autographs.

Hundreds of fans lined up around and through the Uptown Plaza for Oubre’s "Valley Boyz" merchandise pop-up Saturday afternoon at Manor with some arriving as early as 3:30 a.m. for the 3 p.m. opening.

"I think big, but this is pretty big, but this is about the city," Oubre said. "Everybody coming out, showing love to the squad. 'Valley Boyz.' It's a blessing to be here and see everybody smiling.