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Here Come the Suns - Is Devin Booker the best SG in the NBA?

Devin Booker has ascended into a perennial NBA All-Star at the SG position. But is he the best shooting guard in the NBA? Chapin, Brandon and Fonz of Here Come the Suns explore and debate.

Next we predict totals for wins, playoff success, Allstars, and individual accolades for the Phoenix Suns this season. After that, we’ll rate the Nets chances to offload Kyrie for a meaningful piece, Ben Simmons finally showing up to camp, and who has a better shot, Brooklyn without Kyrie, or the eastern conference field.

In a new segment, we will tell you what Frank Vogel and Steve Kerr really mean by their recent quotes about the Westbrook and LeBron pairing, as well as decode Deandre Ayton’s recent quote about being disappointed.